This is not a blog. Think of RADICHE as an online living room where we—your biggest fans and new best friends—schedule play dates to chitchat with rad people doing cool sh*t in the entrepreneurial world. We seek out makers still on their way as well as big guns already at the top, to tell their stories. 

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RADICHE was founded with three building blocks in mind, by two minds that made alike:

Alysha Malik and Radhika Mehta have been inseparable since they met at Bentley University. While Alysha's expertise lies in branding, events marketing and business development, Radhika is well-versed in digital marketing and financial analysis. 

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As big-time extroverts and globe-trotters, they have always shared passions for building new generation brands, exploring creativity and connecting entrepreneurs. Et voilà, in 2015 they combined forces to create an online community that does all that.



Behold, RADICHE.