Explore tips + tricks, specially collected from and made in collaboration with our Makers. 


Building a Community Around Your Brand

  • Find your customers, get them by providing an incredible experience, and keep them by providing long term value.  
  • Give them a good product that they will believe in and stand by.
  • Listen to your customers and evolve with their feedback.
  • Don’t worry about generating revenue first. Focus on creating a product that people will be proud to use and in turn, refer you to others. Then, you can worry about $$$ and scaling the business.
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Launching a Mobile App

  • Send out a survey to your target market to collect feedback and prove your hypothesis
  • Test out the market before developing a digital product
  • Create a minimum viable product, even if it's a Squarespace website to shop the idea 
  • Focus on user retention first and how to drive up user activity before worrying about user acquisition
  • Join incubators or tech-accelerators to jump start your funding or fine tune your business plan
  • Bring on an advisor from the field
  • Once you start acquiring users, be mindful of your branding and marketing
  • Be you because everybody else is already taken!

Building a Personal Brand

  • Build a reputation and a rolodex of references
  • Have a track record
  • Pedigree helps so get ready to work for it
  • Know yourself and what truly matters to you
  • Don’t take shortcuts and never compromise the “right thing to do” and your integrity.
  • Have a vision of where you want to be and work backwardsHere’s an exercise! Imagine you turned 50 years old, and your wife/partner throws a huge party for you and you have to give a speech reflecting on 50 years to your closest family and friends. Write a draft on that speech. It forces you to imagine where you want to be and how you will get there.